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Client: Art Academy of Cincinnati
Project: "Make Art" AAC Short Film

We recently wrapped up a short promotional film for the Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC). By exhibiting a process driven view of student's academic lives we sought to capture the imagination and passion of individuals desiring a course of study at a premier fine arts institution.

Our objective was to provide the AAC with a powerful tool to both extend their marketing footprint outside of a traditional educational and academic realm. Through this, we heighten awareness of their innovative programs within fine arts circles and potential applicants.

Produced by:

Art Direction:

Directed by:
SYN / TAX & Jonathan Robert Willis

Shot by :
Jonathan Robert Willis

Music by:
Timothy Shrider
"The Boy and the Moon"

Edited by:
Nate Clarke

SYN/TAX Creative Team:
B. Emmit Jones
Matthew Eckberg
Tom Reed

Student Team:
Alex Giehl
Jordan Umerley
Ethan Schultz
Scott Bunge
Katie Dobson
Leah Gamber
Lauren Alyea
Ellina Chetverikova
David Cestelli
Mark Barczak
Jay Harmon
Cody Gunningham
Donald Brown
Kristi Anderson
Elliot James
Ashlea McIllwain
Matilda Gertrude Paulin

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