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Client: Busken / Yagööt
Project: Neugööt - What's Your Flavor?

Nationally recognized Busken Bakery recently approached SYN/TAX and our sister company, PB&J PR, to roll out a new in store campaign for its wildly popular Yagööt yogurt brand. Our solution quickly became an installation aimed at presenting a new flavor contest, in which customers were asked "What's your flavor?" Playing off of the Yagööt name, we concepted a campaign identity called Neugööt.

Our objective was to deliver a campaign providing a fun, engaging, tangible, and participatory experience.

Produced & Directed by:

Shot by :
B. Emmit Jones

Music by:
Emerald Park
"At The Mall"
At the Mall by Emerald Park is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) License.

Big thanks to the production team:

Such And Such
Matthew Bell
Joel Masters
Chase Luikart
Logan Bailey
Chris Uihlein

Blog Features:
Adventure Book
Brian Peterson

Making of Neugööt from SYN/TAX on Vimeo.